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I provide website design, development, maintenance and marketing support for small businesses and entrepreneurs at reasonable rates.

We can work locally or remotely. Or both!

My name is emily sparkle

I love empowering website owners with tools to simplify and expand their marketing presence online.  I enjoy working WITH my clients to create websites and campaigns that they can grow and bloom with time and effort, while leaving the complexities of maintenance and security to me.

I enjoy the ‘ah-ha’ moments clients have when we work together, visioning, creating and updating their site. I coach budget-conscious entrepreneurs how to enhance, update, automate, maintain and promote their website with an eye on their budget and a goal to increase their productivity.

My office is near Northampton, MA and although my clients come from all corners of the United States, I can travel easily to many New England, specifically Western Massachusetts, towns and cities. In most cases I work well using any combination of email, instant messaging, online, telephone, sms or in-person meetings. Of course in the time of Covid, Zoom has become indispensable.

I can help with your...

  • website
  • blog
  • shopping cart
  • e-newsletter
  • communications automation
  • podcast publishing
  • social media
  • advertising
  • logo
  • restaurant menu
  • invitations
  • event registrations
  • product packaging
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • pet project

WordPress Empowerment

Need a refresher on how to update your website? Want to know how to change your slider or re-organize your blog? New to WordPress and feel lost? Our sessions can be personalized to your needs and recorded for your future reference.

Security & Maintenance

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for someone reliable to take care of the technical aspects of your WordPress website so you can focus on your website goals and spend time on what you love?

Staging Setup / Migration

Ready for a DIY ‘do over’ but don’t know how to get started? I can set up a fresh install or duplicate an existing website for you to make changes behind the scenes. When you have it ‘just so’ I will help you migrate the website to your domain.

Courses & Support

I offer a supported, self-guided “Create Your Own Website” course. You can work at your own pace and meet with me regularly for coaching and inspiration. Perfect for the budget conscious self starter or hobbyists who have vision and technical perseverance.

Writings and ramblings...

Email Marketing Providers

The following are email marketing providers I have worked with. Most of my clients use Mailchimp and Constant Contact, but if you are working in one you don’t see in this list, let me know! I can work with whatever provider works for you. Mailchimp: Mailchimp provides email marketing services with features such as campaign

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My favorite part of web development?

Recently, I was asked what my favorite part of web development is…. for me, this answer ebbs and flows with the phases of website design and implementation. I love nailing the basics of a design on the first sketch. It took me a long time to learn how to ask the right questions in the

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Landing Pages

Today was a big day for landing pages around here. Landing pages are a great way to bridge the gap between old and new websites – or when you’re just beginning to build your audience. Be sure to include some sort of call to action for your visitors!  

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How did I get here?

In the mid-90s I was asked by a high tech marketing manager to take over for the fired-webmaster. I knew very little html at the time, but learned quickly and enjoyed the creative power of css. In the subsequent 13 years I call my ‘corporate days’, I worked in several software companies (listed below!) on

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WordPress Help

My Custom CSS – Twenty Seventeen

When I was starting to learn WordPress, I sought, and got, some great advice from random strangers on the Internet on many WP topics. With a little assistance from the Inspect tool, I  was able to figure out how to customize the look of my chosen themes. Sometimes Google would reward me with  great articles that

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