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I find it very helpful to have potential clients fill out this series of questions before offering an estimate for website work. I'm working on a similar set of questions for print design projects. Items with an asterisk (*) are required. There are six pages to the form and you will need to complete all the required questions before you can submit your form.

Project Overview


Website Content

The content of your website is the single most important element you can spend time on. No one knows as much as you do about your business. Content creates conversation, so a good website will be ever growing, evolving and inspiring. Striking images and beautiful photography count as content too!

Please note, I do not offer copy writing services for your project. But don't worry, if you need professional help in any of these areas, I can make some recommendations for you.

Likes and Desires

So what's your vision? What do you like and dislike in websites like yours? What will your users accomplish on your website? Where will your content come from?

How's your DIY Quotient?

Every client comes to me with a different level of comfort with websites and computers. These questions will help me understand what your willingness, ability and enthusiasm for the creation and administrion sides of a website project.

Thank You

That wasn't so bad, was it? I will be in touch.

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