WordPress Maintenance

It’s important to keep the core WordPress software and all plugins updated to ensure security and keep your website running smoothly.

My WordPress Maintenance packages are a way to make sure your site stays safe from   hacks and exploits used by spammers and phishers and stay technologically up to date. Fixing hacked or broken sites can take from 2 to 10 hours depending on severity of issue and date of last backup.

Why update? Who cares about security?
As I’m sure you’re aware, technology moves fast and hackers try to move faster. Being an incredibly popular, free, open source content management system, WordPress is vulnerable to hackers who are out to steal your contact database or inject code into your pages, posts and comments to use your site as a billboard to sell their goods. For the want of Google rankings and contact details to sell as targeted email marketing lists, WordPress installations are under constant attack from password robots. Additionally having out-of-date plugins and widgets can affect content displayed from services such as Ecwid, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Pinterest, etc.

My WordPress Site Maintenance services can now be purchased with cash, check or PayPal subscription. For a deeper discount, purchase a full year’s support annually. Site maintenance packages are per single WordPress site and include:

Option 1: Basic Monitoring
($15 per month or $111 per year)

  • Bi-Monthly backup of your WordPress database and files stored offsite
  • Update WordPress core if required or recommended for security purposes
  • Update plugins and theme as new versions are released
  • Monitor, optimize and perform database repair keeping your site running efficiently
  • Perform security scans for malware, code injections, comment spam attacks etc…

Option 2: Advanced Monitoring
($33 per month or $333 per year)

  • All of the Basic Monitoring features plus…
  • Weekly backup of your WordPress database and files stored offisite
  • Scan content for broken links, images and fix any that can be fixed and report any that cannot
  • Clear your spam comments (which can slow down your blog overall) and monitor backlinks
  • Review your new content to ensure that you are posting and tagging correctly – and offer gentle reminders if you aren’t
  • Monthly page traffic reports by email so you can see what is working


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