Email Marketing Providers

The following are email marketing providers I have worked with. Most of my clients use Mailchimp and Constant Contact, but if you are working in one you don’t see in this list, let me know! I can work with whatever provider works for you.

Mailchimp provides email marketing services with features such as campaign creation, audience management, and basic automation. It offers user-friendly templates and analytics.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Up to 500 subscribers.

Constant Contact:
Constant Contact focuses on user-friendly email marketing with features such as customizable templates, list management, and basic reporting. It also offers social media posting capabilities.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Up to 500 subscribers.

AWeber offers email marketing services, providing tools for creating and sending newsletters, automating email sequences, and managing subscriber lists. It emphasizes ease of use for beginners.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Up to 500 subscribers.

GetResponse offers email marketing, automation, and landing page creation tools. It provides features for building marketing campaigns, creating automated workflows, and designing landing pages.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Typically up to 500 subscribers.

Campaign Monitor:
Campaign Monitor provides email marketing and automation features with a focus on user-friendly design. It includes drag-and-drop campaign building, personalization, and analytics.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Varies; please check the official website for the latest information.

Features: Sendinblue is known for its email marketing, SMS marketing, and marketing automation capabilities. It offers a user-friendly interface, transactional emails, and advanced automation.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Up to 300 subscribers per day with a total limit of 9,000 subscribers.

Features: MailerLite is a user-friendly platform with features like email campaigns, automation, and landing pages. It offers drag-and-drop editors, subscriber management, and analytics.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: Up to 1,000 subscribers with a limit of 12,000 monthly emails.

Features: HubSpot offers a comprehensive marketing platform, including email marketing, CRM, and other inbound marketing tools. It provides features for personalized marketing, customer relationship management, and automation.
Free Plan Subscriber Limit: No specific limit mentioned; refer to the current offering on their website.

Trusted Vendors and Affiliate Links

These are my affiliate links for the various products I use and recommend.

Dreamhost – Reasonably priced shared and VPS plans for small business websites.
Termageddon – Let someone else worry about the legalities.

Clockify – Time tracking and project team management

If you are a design client who is taking over maintenance of your website, you will likely need at least these to keep your site running. I can advise on others based on our work together.
GeneratePress Pro – Clean, fast, extensible theme. I use it for everything.

Elementor Pro – User friendly page builder.

Cleantalk – totally worth the nominal yearly fee. Stops contact form spam immediately.

My favorite part of web development?

Recently, I was asked what my favorite part of web development is…. for me, this answer ebbs and flows with the phases of website design and implementation.

I love nailing the basics of a design on the first sketch. It took me a long time to learn how to ask the right questions in the discovery phase to present prototypes that inspire clients to move to the next phase of the project.

I love finding tools that help my clients automate and accomplish their goals. I started creating with WordPress over a decade ago and have learned quite a bit on how to identify trustworthy plugins and themes, empower content creators, secure websites and maintain brand identities.

I love pushing the edge of my knowledge. A long time ago, in a software marketing department far, far away, I taught myself the basics of web design after my boss needed to fire our startup’s webmaster. I know just enough php to be dangerous because WordPress doesn’t always do what I want. I’ve fallen in love with the power of wp-cli. Google is my friend. I love that code can become art.

I love a successful launch. I love when a client emails me to thank me because the orders are rolling in. I love the ‘A-ha moment’ clients have when I sit with them to teach them to maintain their content, add blog posts, promote products, etc. I love projects where I learn things and feel accomplished.

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