Inspirit Common

My primary project from 2005 – 2013 has been the website for the metaphysical center and retail shop i founded — Inspirit Common in Northampton, Massachusetts. Although the shop has recently changed ownership, I am still the chief cook and bottle washer for this site, wrangling much of the content and creative.

Our Constant Contact newsletter campaign earned me a 2010 All Star Award for good email practices and response metrics.

Our first webstore was my first solo e-commerce project. Using Zen Cart and working with multpile drop-ship vendors – including one who delivered locally for free, you can be sure I learned a lot!

One of my very first non-corporate sites! Straight html/css coded to the clients design specifications. Has been owner maintained for over a decade!

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department

Collaborated with the Sheriff’s Department to create an html design the client could continue to update and keep fresh using Dreamweaver. Project included a Flash animation introduction.

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Sure looks weird around here....

Remember the website I had 10 years ago that said ‘The Shoemakers’ children never have any shoes?’ I’m here again to say I’m too busy with more interesting projects to bother to make this website prettier for now, but I had to disable those items that were not serving my site.

Don’t use old tech, kids! Just like I tell my clients. If you let your site get out of date, it’s not secure.