The Tatterdemalion

A clothing vendor who wanted to combine online sales with her festival vending business. Together we created a e-commerce catalog of variable and one of a kind products. Square and Instagram integrations as well as a contact form. Client enjoys the DIY and has had several WordPress Empowerment sessions to hone her skills.

Sparkle Chai

I used to run a chai stand with my partner. This was our website for it. We did online sales of chai mix and tea during the cold months and in the warmer months we would set up a kitchen at festivals and faires and make chai for attendees.

Shali Sanders, Artist

This e-commerce site features prints the works of a very talented artist who will create an original portrait of your pet from a photograph. The artist wanted the gallery and store to have a moonlit feel, inspired by the beauty of her lake house.

She wanted a separate feeling to the rest of the site with the deep warm tones inspired by Buddhist art.



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